Friday, February 12, 2016

Kate Valentine?

I'm a not so secret admirer of Kate Spade New York, as an avid fan it's no surprise that when the news surfaced that Kate and Andy Spade are embarking on a new fashion venture I was ecstatic. Frances Valentine will be the namesake of the highly anticipated line designed by Kate and Andy Spade.

After the married designers departure from "Kate Spade" in 2007 their return to the design world is highly unexpected.
 Frances Valentine will be the new brands namesake and Kate has legally changed her surname from Spade to Valentine. Perhaps this is an attempt to showcase her commitment and further distance herself from her former brand, which was purchased from the Neiman Marcus Group for a hefty sum in 2006 by Liz Claiborne, Inc. (The public company is now called Kate Spade &Co.)
Frances Valentine will be an architecturally driven modernist accessories line that focus on shoes and my all time favorite handbags! The latest
 line is a whole new world of high-end possibilities and I can’t wait to see what designs the dynamic duo has in store for the brand.
While we wait for the full release of the line I’ve rounded up a few Kate Spade New York items, I’ve fallen in love with just in time for Valentine’s Day!

1 | The world is your oyster with these sassy timeless pearls.
2 | It’s love at first sight with these vivid red bags.
3 | These next steps are the perfect sole mates for a night out on the town.
4 | Power stripes always make a savvy style statement.

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Images Courtesy of Kate Spade & Co.

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