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Mascara Maven

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Maven is defined as someone who is an expert in a particular subject. Lately the only thing I have felt like a maven in is being EXTREMELY busy. From running events, to graduations to family visiting from out of town and now preparing to travel for the summer. Life has been full to say the least.  My time has become extremely precious and my daily beauty routine is honestly in a minimalist mode. Regardless of how hectic life gets one thing I make time for that assists with pulling my overall look together is mascara. Mascara is one of my fundamental beauty products as it literally takes seconds to apply and can make a dramatic difference. 

During my time in the professional beauty industry I received multiple trainings sessions from various brands regarding many products mascara being one of then. 
It is important to remember that mascara (beauty products in general) expire. Be sure to completely finish using a tube prior to opening another. Multiple open products at one time can lead to dried out and or wasted product. It is fine if you have an everyday mascara and a dramatic special event mascara in use simultaneously. However, I would avoid having copious product with broken seal.
Remember when it comes to beauty products from make up to skin care travel means trial. When in doubt or wanting to sample a mascara product you can opt for the travel size.
Another mascara tip is when applying mascara do not repeatedly pump the want in the tube as this adds air to the product and can cause clumping in addition to prematurely  drying out the product.
 My favorite mascaras range from luxe to everyday wear, theses picks will make your lashes flutter.

1.)  Black Ecstasy Mascara 01: Obsidian Black by Armani first landed on my radar after I received this product as as courtesy during Vanity Fair's Oscar week activities. This mascara has become a daily staple for me as it creates a feathery soft effect on the lashes 

Armani Black Ecstasy Mascara 01: Obsidian Black

2.)  Diorshow Waterproof Mascara by Christian Dior is a show stopper, the large wand brush builds voluminous lashes. While the mascaras silica powder based formula  simultaneously enhances lashes.
Diorshow Waterproof Mascara by Christian Dior

3.) Great Lash Washable Mascara by Maybelline is Budget friendly and a timeless classic that gets the job done. With a lump-free formula that resists smudging but is removed with ease.
Great Lash Washable Mascara by Maybelline

4.) 'Noir G' Mascara by Guerlain is a luxe mascara that delivers highly pigmented lashes. I consider  this mascara to be a "make up bag" product as the mascara opens to reveal a mirror for on the go touch ups. The mascara case  also comes in a refillable and once  the mascara compact is purchased  additional refills can be purchased. This mascara is a luxury experience and much like the coveted YSL lipsticks it will be a product you love pulling out to  re-apply.
'Noir G' Mascara by Guerlain
5.) They're real! mascara by Benefit is the brands famed "Bag Gal" lash predecessor. The secret is in the brush a custom-domed tip to lift, define, and curl. Ensure that you utilize this brush both vertically and horizontally.
They're real! mascara by Benefit

What is your go to mascara?

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  1. Mascara is a game changer! I love Dior Show but i usually stick to drug store brands lol!

    Eleventh & Sixteenth

    1. I agree that masacra makes a huge impact and Maybelline number three is my favorite dug store brand.
      Xo Miss Erin

  2. I normally stick with drug store brands but that mascara looks amazing!
    Melanie @

    1. Such a great multi-tasking piece!
      Xo Miss Erin

  3. Sounds like you have been busy! Mascara is a must for me too. It's the one eye product I never leave the house without even though I often skip liner and shadow.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  4. I like Great Lash Washable Mascara by Maybelline. It has always worked well for me.


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Xo Miss Erin

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