Friday, November 21, 2014

Damsel Style

Earlier this week I attend a style conversation hosted at St. John, Beverly Hills with my friend Roxana who blogs over at the Rocks Fashion Bug.The conversation was moderated by Sari Tuschman of The Zoe Report and featured Jacey Duprie of Damsel in Dior. The topic of the evenings conversation was enduring style one of the significant questions presented to Jacey was “what is the key to enduring style?”

Jacey's response included photo reflection and style descriptors to name a few.  
 Photo reflection focuses on referring back to visuals such as old photos and even pinterest.In order  to determine what caught your eye and what shapes, colors, or era's you have an affinity for. You can then utilize these visual sources as a way to identify trends within your taste and or brand.After all you are referring back to these visuals because there is an aspect about them that transcends time. After all you have been drawn to the image then and now.Style descriptors are her recommendation to assist with anchoring your personal enduring style by identifying what two words you want your style to exude and incorporating them whenever you make a purchase.Regardless of whether it is a dress, furniture, or a piece of art ensure that the piece  is representative of your style descriptors.
The event also featured a savvy shop for a cause aspect with 20% of the proceeds benefiting Girls Inc. It was an elegant evening that has motivated me to pull out a few of my favorite photographs for inspiration and identify my two style descriptors.

Damsel Tips:

Must have garment: Blazer
To take a look from day to night just add mascara and heels
When in doubt wear black

What are your two style descriptors?
A special thanks to:
Sari Tuschman of The Zoe Report
Jacey Duprie of Damsel in Dior


  1. So fun to read! Thanks for sharing (:

    - Deniz

    1. Deniz,

      Anytime! It was a blast and I am glad I could share!
      XO Miss Erin

  2. Great photos and I definitely agree for the blazer as a must have:)

    1. The style tips were all great advice.I hope you have a great weekend!
      Xo Miss Erin


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