Friday, April 11, 2014

My Ghanaian Coordinates

My coordinates are 27.9789 °N 97.3986 °W.My Coddinates
Those are the coordinates of where a piece of my heart will always be. Those are the coordinates of where my biological father was born, where I still have cousins and kinsmen. Many of them still live in the traditional Ghanaian ways on the Ivory Coast of Africa. This year for my brother’s birthday, I selected to capture the spirit of our heritage in a fashionable coordinates collection piece. Both of our bracelets have the coordinates to our father’s birthplace. The inscription that is engraved on the inside states our unique Ghanaian last name as a reminder of family. Often it is hard to find a place or a material possession that can make you feel connected however, this bracelet means the world to me, as my world is my family.

 I  purchased the " Meridian" in gold for myself
and the "Horizon" in gun metal for my brother.

What moments & or memories will you capture ?

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