Sunday, March 16, 2014

Simply Stylist. L.A. Fashion & Beauty Confrence

On Saturday March, 15th 2014 Simply Stylist held their Los Angeles fashion and beauty conference. The event was hosted by Catt Sadler of E! News. The day included numerous opportunities for attendees to participate in events of particular interest. The break out sessions were lead by various guest speakers who are brand and industry experts. Event attendees had the opportunity to gain further insight into fashion, beauty and of course networking opportunities.
I had the opportunity to participate in the brand experience breakout session.
The Hunt, a new style community  that assists users with locating  items  such as fashion accessories, home decor, etc. The Hunt locates the items that members are coveting from photographs and just cannot seem to locate..
The Hunt has a site where savvy new comers can easily sign up and begin to "Hunt". The community also has a convenient app that can be downloaded at the Itunes store. 
 With Ally the community manager.
 Sassy 70's inspired Denim

 you can access the Ditto brand denim here :
With the Now + Zen PR team representing Dittos, what a pleasure - Chevy was a sweetheart!
I have heard of Crossroads and in fact they have a location in my neighborhood. Crossroads is a venue where the "recycling " of fashion is encouraged. You can buy, sell, trade or consign. I took the Crossroads event challenge to find a piece that I wanted to introduce into my wardrobe.
 Challenge accepted, I am a tad bit competitive!

I was able to find Haute Hippie and Silence + Noise wardrobe pieces.
 Stay tuned  for the styling of my Crossroads finds, a piece or two might just appear on a "Wardrobe Wednesday"post.

Next year schedule permitting, I hope to attend the entire day of festivities.
Wardrobe Details : Here
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