Monday, March 31, 2014

March Favorites

My March favorites are along the theme of "March Madness". As I have selected my favorite items from various categories such as fashion,home decor, music and beauty! With out further delay my March favorites!
1. I am a nail polish enthusiast and every year I wait  for the top nail lacquer distributors to release their seasonal collections. I am thrilled to embrace the the new spring and summer collections currency being released. 

2. A refreshing mint take on the Mac bag from Minkoff. This bag works as a cross body and ensures that just the essentials are packed when running errands around town.
Rebecca Minkoff MAC Bag

3.I love the concept of fresh pick flowers and feel that they add a touch of elegance to any room. However, I sadly can't keep any plant, flower, or succulent alive. As a result I turn to the savvy Diane James and her realistic floral arrangements. Her creations are so realistic  you will want to  stop and "smell the roses".

4. T'is the seasons for toes to come out and play showcasing  sassy pedicures. This Shoe has quickly become on of my favorites due to comfort and an adorable lace up front. I previously wore these to the 
Simply Stylist L.A. fashion & beauty conference earlier this month which you can see here & here.

5. My Happy song for the year! I know that it may be a bit cliche however, it is true. I enjoy listing to this song to start my day off with a bit of positivity. When getting ready most mornings I am guilty of rocking out to this song.
Pharrell's "Happy" song

Those are my favorites for this month, I hope you enjoyed them!
What are some of your March favorites?

Thank you for reading.

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